Candy Correspondent 2012 Interview

This is a heartbreaking story. But definitely a memorable one.

Two weeks before May 11, 2012, I submitted an application (that consists of my personal details + an essay) to Candy Magazine’s search for the next Candy Correspondents. I got an email from web managing editor, Macy Alcaraz (Yeahp, Sandwich’s Mong Alcaraz’s sister!!!!) informing me that I’m scheduled for an interview at the Cybergate Tower in Mandaluyong. (See previous blog posts to refer on how stoked I am about this email)

Seeing that my dad wouldn’t spare me a ride there, I asked one of my best friends, Jona Fernandez to give me a lift there because she got in too! When we arrived, a whole bunch of girls was already waiting for their turn for the interview. They were all really amazing, full of class, intelligent, witty and pretty, of course. I was like, “I don’t think I’m getting in!” I was second in line. I thought that was good because there’d be a big chance they would remember me rather be there (or the last) than in the middle.

When I was called, I was shaking with nerves. Literally, I tell you!!!! Macy, skimmed through my info sheet and asked me to imagine I was interviewing a Candy Cutie because it was written in there that my favorite part of was ‘Guy Confessions’. She gave me a few minutes to think about what to say in the camera. The first Cutie I thought of was Rammy Bitong. Soooo, I started it without thinking much and I sucked… like big time. My intro was okay but it could have been better. I love making intros! That’s what I do best! And then, I forgot to interview. Fuck right? Ugh. After the VTR, they asked me to take a picture and my face was shaking! So loser-ish HAHAHA

This is a big dream of mine. I love writing and I love informing people but in the end, I didn’t get in to the next screening but my best friend did! (Congrats, Jona!!!!! I love you. Do well!!!! :>) After, leaving the building, I realized something BIG. I did want to write for a magazine, but not this kind of magazine. I’d like to be part of the UAAP Magazine. I love watching sports, I love talking about sports and I love writing about sports. Maybe, there I’d get a chance. *cross fingers! Besides that, I love the experience! Intense feeling of doing something out of my comfort zone just to achieve my dreams. It was unbelievable.

Here are the cool girls I met during the interview!!! To all that got in, I wish you the best!!! But I wish Jona more HAHAHAHA x


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