Tagaytay Weekend ❥

Weekend with the fambam at Tagaytay Highlands. Didn’t get to look around though–arrived late!!!!-_______________- We stayed at the belle view west :>

Testing, testing…

Bathroom shot, of course!!! :>


While Joaqs & I had dessert, Kuya Bogie, Ate Andy & Tita Tina watched Insidious 🙂

Played scrabble with Joaqs!!! :> I had this letters but I ended up putting loosen instead–more points!!!

Sunday Morning ❥ (cue music please!!!)

Quicksand in shaped of a Penis… shit cray right!!!

Instax-ing :>

Morning drama… charot!!

Monopoly with them!!!

Ate Andy

Hahahaha Tito Gody!!! Super swapang hahaha

I feel like I took this with a lomo cam nuxxx

pre-wedding pictorial… chos!!! hahahaha



Went to Nuvali after, couldn’t get out of the van cos it was raining so hard!!!!!


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