Lady Gaga vs. Philippines

Tweet #1: Why is Lady Gaga on the headlines on every news? Can we not talk about CJ Corona whos standing in as witness in his own impeachment trial?

Super late but I just want to express my feelings on this because I’m a fan of Lady Gaga.

I don’t get why these people are asking the promoters of The Monster Ball to cancel the show. They say it’s because Lady Gaga’s satanic or some other crap. Who says shit like that?

I know that Lady Gaga is out of the Philippines’ view of music–she’s not conservative, her beliefs are different from us etc but we can’t do anything because that’s her label. Just like Sitti being the Bossa Nova Diva or Nina as the Soul Siren.  It’s just. like. that.

Besides, why are they trying to prevent it. It’s not like it’s going to do anything that has already been done. Her music has already reached the Phillipines, the concert will do nothing more. The only damage it’s going to do to the country is the downfall of local music, then again, this is not the first time an international pop star held a concert here.

Can we just shut the fuck up, people? If her songs doesn’t appeal, don’t listen to her but zip it because it does make a lot of sense to her dedicated fans.

To these politicians who started this crap about the Mother Monster, can you just focus on your jobs? Add more flowers & trees to the Philippines, Mr. DENR Secretary. Or stop illegal loggers, for godssake. That’s more important than this issue.

Let’s all focus our attention to CJ Corona. He needs to be punished for the things he has done. Hello, he’s standing as witness tomorrow at the Senate, isn’t that more alarming? God.

* Can I just say that this tweet by Saab Magalona makes a lot of sense to me. She’s so funny!


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