New Mapua Cardinal: Gab Banal

Gab Banal for Mapua Cardinals. I wasn’t surprised when I first heard he was transferring to Mapua from DLSU. He doesn’t get enough playing time in the Archers line up anyway. I mean, rookies like Arnold Van Opstal gets more time on the court that he does.

I remember, when he first started playing for La Salle, his friends started a small petition to get Gab into the basketball court–his friends would make his picture (with the phrase, ‘Free Gab Banal’) their profile picture on Facebook. I wanted to do that as well because I think he deserves it but until now, that’s still the same phrase I would shout for Gab Banal.

Good move on Banal’s part.

Bad move on La Salle’s.

I’ve been watching Joel Banal’s son play basketball ever since his Philippine Team under 18 stint and I had to say, he has a lot to offer–he was even the star player of the team then!! Shame, DLSU Archers couldn’t maximize that. I mean, now that Atkins is out of the roster, who’s the leader and go-to-guy now? I’ve always pictured Gab Banal as that guy who shoots a three or slices a basket with an impending free throw.

Refer to the bench depth chart of De La Salle Green Archers below:

See, what I mean? Anyway, for acquiring and using Gab Banal in the Filoil games, kudos! He’s athletic, he can shoot from the perimeter, he has a body built for hard bumps and he can always help the team bounce back from a big margin or a loss.

I hope he’d be big for the Mapua Cardinals like his cousin, Jonathan Banal was back then.

Photo owned by: Vyn Radovan


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