PHL Fashion Week x Penshoppe

Yesterday, my cousin Andy & I watched the fashion show of local brand Penshoppe: Impact. On the invite, it said that it will start around 6:30PM, of course being that we are Filipinos, it started around 8 in the evening 🙂

There were different kinds of collection–

  • Chambray which consists of Polos and other denim items.
  • Checks and Splats that’s made up of well… checkered apparels. What else!
  • Brights. I like this the most! It was fun and casual :>
  • Pastels. This next to Brights is my favorite! It’s laidback and the colors are nice to the eyes 🙂
  • Black and White collection is very fierce. I like it. It’s nice if you want to go out and chill at night. hehehe

That’s Penshoppe featuring Robin Tomas. All in all, the line was different from each other but it somehow blended and it was gorgeous. It was probably because of the accessories used! ie bowler hats, clogs, pastel & sparkly pumps

Thank you to Kuya Bogie for the ticket because I didn’t waste Php 3,000 worth of Penshoppe clothes hahahaha yes!!! ☺

was busy texting because we got there around 6:15 but we had to wait until 8pm ugh

Penshoppe: Impact

The owner of the company who owns Penshoppe. Kuya Bogie made polos for him days before 🙂

Ed Westwick!!!! Gah

Oh oh Mario!!!!!

Iaaaaan!!!! ❤ ❤ I didn’t get a proper picture of his name on the video kasi I was shaking so bad hahahaha

Zac Efron, of course!!! & his unbelievable biceps mmmm

Penshoppe All Stars welcomes us to the show!

Ze clogs I wanted!!!!!

They looked like barbie dolls

Loved his hair that’s why I took a picture of him hahahaha

I like this too!!!!

And there goes Leighton Meester a.k.a Blair Waldorf a.k.a Queen Bee!!!!! With Mario Maurer, surprise surprise!!!! Nobody knew he was going to be there hahahaha everyone was screaming right about on this very moment.

@OhohMario waves to his fans as he was left alone with the other Penshoppe models because Leighton was asked to walk to the center of the catwalk.

The next series of photos are all @itsmeleighton and Mario Maurer!!!!

—- end —-

Dinner at Burgoo :> Draw this weird picture of a garden hahahaha as you may have guessed it, I don’t draw. At all. I suck at it. Anyway, that’s what I love about this restaurant. Not only that it serves big servings (mainly because its an American cuisine) but also they provide a big paper on top of your table and a cup filled with crayons to keep you entertained while waiting for your order!

The next series of photos are of a hollywood celebrity a.k.a me @theyeaaah!

I’m starting to love my curly and unruly hair hahahaha it looked bouncy here hahahaha nuxxx

—- end —-


desserts at Swensen’s :>

Congratulations, Penshoppe for a wonderful show!!! 🙂 Next time, please pick better models though hahahahaha but congratulations for acquiring all the All Stars model!!! x


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