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I’ve been a Candy girl since I saw stacks of their magazine on top of my older cousin’s closet. I remember that it was Klaire Yapyuco-Reyes (Wife of former Ateneo Blue Eagle, Jai Reyes) and her twin sister, Klaudine Yapyuco was on the cover. The rest as they say, is history.

One thing I love most about Candy Magazine are their awesome staff. Especially, deputy editor-in-chief Marla Miniano.

I tweeted her about how I re-read a thousand times her book, Fan Girl. She tweeted me back saying,

Omg, yes!!!! I am so happy. I kept reading this tweet cos it was pretty awesome to have her reply. Ahhhhh

If you want to know why I love reading Marla’s books, you should check it out then!

Fan Girl

Table for Two

Every Girl’s Guide Series!

Tell me what you think about them okay?:-)

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Heart of a Lion

I still take pride for San Beda Red Lions when they win games in the NCAA because deep in side me–tucked away in the darkest of place–there’s still a heart of a lion. Especially when they win games in these kinds of manner!

San Beda Head Coach Ronnie Magsanoc, calls them the ‘Super six’. They consist of Francis Abarcar, Ritchie Villaruz, Jun Bonsubre, Yvan Ludovice, Art Dela Cruz and Dave Moralde. They amazingly won over Arellano University with a 10 point lead. (81-71) in the NCAA Season 88 at the San Juan Arena today.

Other Bedan players, including, Baser Amer, Jake Pascual and Kyle Pascual was  given a one game suspension for their involvement in brawl at a NCAA Volleyball game last year while Nigerian Ola Adeogun should be out for 4 games in total.

Magsanoc, who replaced Frankie Lim as the team head coach says, “It’s all heart. It was exhausting for them but extremely rewarding. Trinabaho ng mga bata every possession.”

Imagine the look on everyone’s faces! Will this be a warning to the other NCAA schools that San Beda Red Lions are pure power with or without more than half of the team, retain in their throne and get another back to back Championship? Maybe.

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Bohemian Rhapsody

HAHAHA I just had to use that title.

Yesterday was Adi’s birthday! She’s my former service-mate from high school such a dear friend and I’ve known her for six years now. We haven’t seen each other in the longest and I can’t help but fawn over her bohemian beauty last night at the Fiamma Bar in Makati.

I forgot to tuck my tummy! Huhuhu I look fat in the photos!!!! Oh well loved my outfit ❤ ❤

Loved the whole night! Got to see friends I haven’t seen in the longest. Drank a lot so it kind of gave me a buzz 😐 Unlimited beer!!!! Hahahah So happy I didn’t get rashes after cos I usually do.

Thanks Adi for such a blast and Ate Bea Balcom for the ride home! 🙂

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Lucky Charm

While watching National University vs. De La Salle University Green Archers this afternoon, my cousin said, “Lucky charm ka ata ha!” I laughed and thought about it for a second. I probably am (HAHAHAHA I’m so humble!!!) because when I started for college, I entered San Beda College and the same year they won NCAA. This time around, maybe I’d give the Bulldogs a dash of my luck 😉

I haven’t been a Bulldog for a long time but I am full of pride and joy while I was watching the National University Bulldogs crush the De La Salle Green Archers on this year’s FilOil Summer League! Could this be a preview on what the Bulldogs will achieve in Season 75 of the University Athletics Association of the Philippines (UAAP)? Probably.

Leaving the Ateneo De Manila Blue Eagles nothing but sweat and tears–a very strong contender in the UAAP–is saying a lot about this team led by Coach Eric Altamirano. Truly, all those money Henry Sy has provided has given the boys a lot of experience and most importantly, confidence.

Holding Jeron Teng to at least 4 points (Avg. Ppg: 11 pts.) this afternoon is a big thing seeing as Teng has been a revelation to the Green Archers. It was amazing to see shots from the players of NU keeps getting in–miracle shots, three pointers and lay-ups. Ray Ray Parks (Son of Bobby Parks–the best import Philippine Basketball has ever had!) and Cameroonian Emmanule Mbe combined is unstoppable!

I can’t wait for the UAAP this July because for sure, the NU Bulldogs will be a strong competitor against high & mighty teams like Ateneo and UST. The Bulldogs will be tough one this year and I can’t wait the look on everyone’s faces! Also, I can’t wait for the Pep rally. I wonder what it would look like seeing as we are this season’s UAAP host! As Barney would say, this is going to be legen… dary!

Thanks, SM Group! x

Summer Never Ends

This has got to be the best summer ever. From the first beach escapade to watching the runway show of Penshoppe to the high altitude of Tagaytay and to  just the bumming out in front of the computer & television. It has been a blast & I am searching for more but unfortunately, it has to end some time.

Tonight is my last night in Pasig and I’m on edge of bursting out into tears, to say the least. I have to face yet again another challenging year of studying, making friends and adjusting. The only thing I’m looking forward to this year is UAAP Season 75 & my very own 18th birthday! 🙂 It was truly nice to have bonded with my family this season because it has changed my life for the better. I have experienced more things and my world became bigger and wider as ever… & I love it!

Last night was the bang on top of the woosh. We won a small amount of money from playing Bingo and we went out to eat at Pizza hut & bought some nice things for the coming school year.

This summer has taught me a lot of things. The ones that had a huge impact to me is that family is always family. 2) “Good things come to those who wait.” lastly, I don’t need an overrated event to change my life, a rocking summer can do as much… even bigger! I am now not afraid of change. I used to, but not anymore. Another one off my bucket list! ☑☑☑

Exclusive Interview: Jona Mari Fernandez

This is my exclusive interview with 2012 Candy Correspondent Finalist, Jona Mari Fernandez.

The 19 year old morena beauty who’s a Business Administration junior from University of Philippines-Diliman shares her experiences with being one of the 12 finalists for this year’s Candy Correspondent search by Candy Magazine. She also imparts fashion advice and life do’s and don’ts by participating in a little game called, 20 Questions.

1. Hey Jona! How are you?

“I’m good, I’m good! I just came from enrollment. I had to get subjects.”

2. Let’s talk about Candy. What is Candy Correspondent? So, how did you find out about it?

“Well, I think it’s a fun job because you get to meet celebrities, host events, get to go to premieres, you get to write for Candy Magazine and all those other cool stuff. I found it over which I often visit.”

3. Of course, after applying, you had to go through an interview. How was it?

“It was nerve-wracking but it was fun because I got to meet Candy girls and we just had to do little challenges to introduce ourselves but it was basically a VTR.”

4. After a few days, you got an e-mail saying you got in the next round! What was your first reaction?

“I was ecstatic! I was overjoyed! I was hugging my mom. I didn’t expect it. It was the best e-mail I ever got!”

5. Who’s your closest among the other aspirants?

“I’m close to my teammates (Toni and Eunice) because we did the tasks together. I’m also close to Rizzi, Mikee and Kat. We ate out and shopped after the Final Challenge and we tweet each other everyday!”

6. Who is your favorite Candy staff?

“I love Marla (Miniano) and Macy (Alcaraz)!”

7. Who is your style icon?

“Oh I love Serena’s style in Gossip Girl! I also love Kate Moss!!”

8. Describe your fashion sense.

” Well, it depends on my mood. Like, when I’m feeling girly, I go all out! I’m not really the shirt and jeans kind of girl. I always go for statement pieces. If I’m just chilling, I could just wear a tank top and denim shorts.”

9. What are your fashion staples?

“Long dresses for days when I’m feeling extra girly, denim shorts, because they can go from chill to stylish–it’s a very versatile piece! And accessories like chunky necklaces and bangles because they can brighten up any outfit.”

10. What are your fashion do’s and dont’s?

“Do try to dress cute wherever you go coz you might bump into your crush or something. Don’t layer too much because it’s a hot country and always go for trendy plus comfy because nothing beats that. Do not wear sunglasses inside the mall unless you have sore eyes!”

11. Where do you shop?

“I love Mags because they have limited pieces per design you won’t have to worry about having a lot of kapareho. And if only I could buy all the stuff they have in Jellybean! Primadona for shoes. Greenhills and bazaars for anything and everything!”

12. What’s your favorite shop?

“Mags and Jellybean.”

13. Who’s you favorite fashion blogger?

“The one I can think of right now is Vern Enciso.”

14. If you were to date a Candy Cutie, who would it be and why?

“Is Alex Pettyfer a Candy Cutie?”

15. Describe your ideal guy.

“Funny and witty!”

16. First date do’s and don’t’s.

“I don’t have any! Well I guess it’s safe to talk about the basics like hobbies and interests because that’s where you will find similarities. Don’t talk about yourself too much! It’s annoying and besides, may next date pa!”

17. What’s the best thing about being a Candy Correspondent aspirant?

“Well, it has made me realize that I can pursue my dreams and even if this is just the beginning, it’s a good experience already because I got to work with Candy Magazine. I’ve been wanting to work with Candy since I was 12–back in 2005–so this was a good experience.”

18. If a song would describe your life right now, what would it be and why?

“OneRepublic’s Good Life. The song says a lot about being young and living life to the fullest. This is my favorite line from the song (and then she sings! I don’t cover my ears so that’s a good thing!) ‘When you’re happy like a fool/ Let it take you over/ When everything is out/ You gotta take it in.”

19. What is/are the best thing Candy Magazine has taught you?

“Probably, if you put your mind into something, if you focus on your goals in life, you’re going to be something someday.”

20. Message to the Candy girls who wants to be fashionista and a correspondent like you!

Can you relate to her? Does she define a true-blue Candy girl? Make her dream come true by voting for her as this year’s Candy Correspondent! You can vote through here: vote page. (Sorry, if we had to have you signed up for the site. Just a few clicks and you can vote for her na!)

Thank you, Red Mango Katipunan Branch staff for not bothering us while were doing the interview. & thank you, Jona for sparing me a tiny bit of your time for this. I hope you win & God bless! x

The waffle was superb as always! Bravo.

The pink stuff she had to bring to school everyday! Ahhhhh my eyes! Hahahaha

Thank you again for such a wonderful and breezy interview with you! More to go hahaha I guess this is bragging rights for me– I can tell people that I was first to interview full the next top fashion editor/writer! Hope you win, girl! x

Vote Jona Mari Fernandez for Candy Magazine’s Candy Correspondent 2012

My best friend got in Candy Magazine’s search for the next Candy Correspondent this year!


Guess who’s Jona above? Hahahaha please vote for her. It’ll just take a few seconds. The voting page looks like this–

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PS You could only vote if you’re signed in (I know right? Such a hassle! -.-) so if you’re not registered, sign up now! 🙂 We owe you big time!!!

Wait for my exclusive interview with her coming within this day! 🙂 Vote vote vote x