MTV Movie Awards Red Carpet Fashion

The time has come here now. Hollywood stars come out to see who’s in and who’s out in the movies. But before that, let’s take a peek at the fashion of these celebs on  the red carpet!

Charlize Theron in a gorgeous and elegant in her almost-matching-red-carpet-dress.

You can always count on Kristen Stewart to wear the weirdest of outfits & to channel the bedhead look. Congrats KStew and the cast of Twilight for winning Movie of the year over Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. *insert bitter voice here*

I’m not sure about the lavender shirt and vest on Avengers’ star Chris Hemsworth. I think he’s not sure about it either.

Hunger Games star J. Hutch channeling his inner hipster with a brown pants and white v-neck shirt. Tumblr boy, anyone?

Mila Kunis, feeling a little Boho with a short colorful dress. Is it just me or did she gain a little weight?

I love Emma Stone and whatever she’s wearing, I’m all for it! But she does look elegant in her dress and nude colored heels :> Congrats on Spiderman, Em! Can’t wait to see it!

Effie Trinket a.k.a Elizabeth Banks without her pink hair is gorgeous and fierce in her all-black outfit.

What is Emma Watson without her mind boggling choices of red carpet clothing? Her outfit is just in time for summer.

Shailene Woodley channeling mom-look (which fits perfectly since she does play a mom on her hit show The Secret Life of An American Teenager) in an all-black ensemble that consists of mostly a pantsuit. Wow, she’s all grown up!

Former SNL star Andy Samberg looks cute with his clean cut and black suit over a navy blue polo shirt. We will miss you, Andy!

Twilight’s Jackson Rathbone in an outfit I just couldn’t bear to look at. Next!

This just looks like an outfit repeat to me.

Who’s your best dressed movie star in this year’s MTV Movie Awards?


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