Online Shopping x Braidlets

I’ve been online shopping since I was in 2nd year high school. I’ve purchased bags, shoes, shirts and accessories from the internet (Facebook, Multiply & Ebay). This last purchase was super girly for me HAHAHA It’s called braid-lets.

Ordered it over Facebook last weekend and got it yesterday! 🙂 Enjoyed it so much, I had to take a picture of myself -.-

To me, it kinda looks like a ad campaign hahaha charararaught! =)) To try out how I should capture the charm, I asked my little cousin to wear it for me. Sorry, Joaqs! xx

OMGeez, the seller from Facebook will have you choose the color of the yarns to be used and the charms that will be attached to it. Mine was Navy Blue & Light Pink with a peace sign hanging from it.

Thank you, Ren Laglagaron (girl behind OMGeez) for such a smooth transaction! You’ve been really nice & accomodating for such a hassle and annoying customer like me! 🙂 It would’ve been better if you accept payments through GCash though so it would be easier and the transaction fee is cheaper! 🙂 Anyway, I hope you gain more customers! x

Want to own one? Like OMGeez now on Facebook! Click here.

For inquiries, SMS 0906 585 5214.

They’re open for re-sellers, so check them out! 🙂

Feedback? Email me at Tweet me: @theyeaaah or tumblr ask me! x


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