College Freshman Must-Carry-At-All-Times

I’ve been a Freshman before and surfing around the internet for some tips on what to do during my college years has been pretty useful until now. That is why, it’s my turn to pass it on to the incoming freshmen! 🙂

These are what you should carry in your bag at all cost (especially during the first day). This is in no particular order.

1. Certificate of Registration or COR. This is where you can find your schedule, the room, your student number and the breakdown of your tuition fee. This is important because this is proof that you are enrolled in a certain class.

2. Filler binder. Nope, freshman. You don’t need tons of notebooks for different subjects! You only need tiny and thin filler and bind it with a… binder. -.- Pros: It’s easy to carry around. Cons: It’s also easy to fill it all with notes so, write small!

3. Planner. It’s easy to get mixed up in college. Deadlines on different subjects are on the same day and what better way to organize that to use a planner? 🙂

4. Your trusty pen. This is not really my trusty pen but it’s all I’ve got right now! Anyway, you need this. It’s useful for notes (especially now that the prof won’t wait for you to finish writing before erasing the writings) and writing your name for the attendance!

5. ID. How would you get to your class if you can’t get past the guards first?

6. ID Pictures. This helps your professors recognize you especially if you’re a class standing whore. Professors have different specifications when it comes to this so to make sure, avail of the package that consists of 2x2s and 1x1s 🙂

7. Coins. No hassle for you in the morning when the jeepney driver doesn’t have a change to your 1000 peso bill, no hassle to the driver and everyone else!

8. Camera. No better way to capture those special and memorable moments than to whip out your point and shoot camera! PS, do not bring your dSLR, super hassle! Not to mention, show off! PS sorry my camera looks so battered! Hahaha

9. Fan or pamaypay. It’s hot in the Philippines, you have to admit, despite the rain. So if you don’t have a hankerchief with you, better have a fan inside your bag.

Almost forgot!

10. Index cards. It’s where you write your information for the professors to know. It’s also helpful for them but hell for you because when they decide to give out surprise oral recitations, it will be randomly picked out c/o of these little bad boys.

You can bring your gel, perfume, make-up kits etc but keep your bag light. It’s going to be such a hassle dragging around a suitcase when you’re commuting.

These are from my own experience. More to add? Tumblr ask me, tweet me @theyeaaah or email me at 🙂


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