Katipunan x Lunch x JMF

Today, I ran (Figuratively, of course! I took the train FYI) from Manila for my orientation to Katipunan to meet up with one of my best friends, Jona Fernandez to interview her about the thing she’s busy with right now for my blog post that’s going to be published really really soon! Had lunch at Bonchon and dessert at Red Mango. I was exhausted, to say the least but I’m happy since this could be the last time I’d see her this summer 😦

Last night, I prepared twenty questions for her to answer :>

Our dessert!!! My favorite Red Mango Waffle!!!

Busy with her iPad.

Look how pink her things are!!!! She was like, “Ang bakla diba!” Hahahaha You are really the pink duchess! ❤ ❤

You have to appreciate this, Jona! I went from one end of the LRT line to the other for you!!!! 🙂 My shoes looked so battered because of the mud stains huhuhuhu

She was reviewing the video we made. Look out for that, okay!!!! :>

A couple of screen shots of the interview 🙂 Keep visiting my blog to find out her answers on the questions hehehe

Thank you, Jona for the day! I had tons of fun taking loads of pictures with you! Love you!!!! ☺


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