Exclusive Interview: Jona Mari Fernandez

This is my exclusive interview with 2012 Candy Correspondent Finalist, Jona Mari Fernandez.

The 19 year old morena beauty who’s a Business Administration junior from University of Philippines-Diliman shares her experiences with being one of the 12 finalists for this year’s Candy Correspondent search by Candy Magazine. She also imparts fashion advice and life do’s and don’ts by participating in a little game called, 20 Questions.

1. Hey Jona! How are you?

“I’m good, I’m good! I just came from enrollment. I had to get subjects.”

2. Let’s talk about Candy. What is Candy Correspondent? So, how did you find out about it?

“Well, I think it’s a fun job because you get to meet celebrities, host events, get to go to premieres, you get to write for Candy Magazine and all those other cool stuff. I found it over candymag.com which I often visit.”

3. Of course, after applying, you had to go through an interview. How was it?

“It was nerve-wracking but it was fun because I got to meet Candy girls and we just had to do little challenges to introduce ourselves but it was basically a VTR.”

4. After a few days, you got an e-mail saying you got in the next round! What was your first reaction?

“I was ecstatic! I was overjoyed! I was hugging my mom. I didn’t expect it. It was the best e-mail I ever got!”

5. Who’s your closest among the other aspirants?

“I’m close to my teammates (Toni and Eunice) because we did the tasks together. I’m also close to Rizzi, Mikee and Kat. We ate out and shopped after the Final Challenge and we tweet each other everyday!”

6. Who is your favorite Candy staff?

“I love Marla (Miniano) and Macy (Alcaraz)!”

7. Who is your style icon?

“Oh I love Serena’s style in Gossip Girl! I also love Kate Moss!!”

8. Describe your fashion sense.

” Well, it depends on my mood. Like, when I’m feeling girly, I go all out! I’m not really the shirt and jeans kind of girl. I always go for statement pieces. If I’m just chilling, I could just wear a tank top and denim shorts.”

9. What are your fashion staples?

“Long dresses for days when I’m feeling extra girly, denim shorts, because they can go from chill to stylish–it’s a very versatile piece! And accessories like chunky necklaces and bangles because they can brighten up any outfit.”

10. What are your fashion do’s and dont’s?

“Do try to dress cute wherever you go coz you might bump into your crush or something. Don’t layer too much because it’s a hot country and always go for trendy plus comfy because nothing beats that. Do not wear sunglasses inside the mall unless you have sore eyes!”

11. Where do you shop?

“I love Mags because they have limited pieces per design you won’t have to worry about having a lot of kapareho. And if only I could buy all the stuff they have in Jellybean! Primadona for shoes. Greenhills and bazaars for anything and everything!”

12. What’s your favorite shop?

“Mags and Jellybean.”

13. Who’s you favorite fashion blogger?

“The one I can think of right now is Vern Enciso.”

14. If you were to date a Candy Cutie, who would it be and why?

“Is Alex Pettyfer a Candy Cutie?”

15. Describe your ideal guy.

“Funny and witty!”

16. First date do’s and don’t’s.

“I don’t have any! Well I guess it’s safe to talk about the basics like hobbies and interests because that’s where you will find similarities. Don’t talk about yourself too much! It’s annoying and besides, may next date pa!”

17. What’s the best thing about being a Candy Correspondent aspirant?

“Well, it has made me realize that I can pursue my dreams and even if this is just the beginning, it’s a good experience already because I got to work with Candy Magazine. I’ve been wanting to work with Candy since I was 12–back in 2005–so this was a good experience.”

18. If a song would describe your life right now, what would it be and why?

“OneRepublic’s Good Life. The song says a lot about being young and living life to the fullest. This is my favorite line from the song (and then she sings! I don’t cover my ears so that’s a good thing!) ‘When you’re happy like a fool/ Let it take you over/ When everything is out/ You gotta take it in.”

19. What is/are the best thing Candy Magazine has taught you?

“Probably, if you put your mind into something, if you focus on your goals in life, you’re going to be something someday.”

20. Message to the Candy girls who wants to be fashionista and a correspondent like you!

Can you relate to her? Does she define a true-blue Candy girl? Make her dream come true by voting for her as this year’s Candy Correspondent! You can vote through here: vote page. (Sorry, if we had to have you signed up for the site. Just a few clicks and you can vote for her na!)

Thank you, Red Mango Katipunan Branch staff for not bothering us while were doing the interview. & thank you, Jona for sparing me a tiny bit of your time for this. I hope you win & God bless! x

The waffle was superb as always! Bravo.

The pink stuff she had to bring to school everyday! Ahhhhh my eyes! Hahahaha

Thank you again for such a wonderful and breezy interview with you! More to go hahaha I guess this is bragging rights for me– I can tell people that I was first to interview full the next top fashion editor/writer! Hope you win, girl! x


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