Summer Never Ends

This has got to be the best summer ever. From the first beach escapade to watching the runway show of Penshoppe to the high altitude of Tagaytay and to  just the bumming out in front of the computer & television. It has been a blast & I am searching for more but unfortunately, it has to end some time.

Tonight is my last night in Pasig and I’m on edge of bursting out into tears, to say the least. I have to face yet again another challenging year of studying, making friends and adjusting. The only thing I’m looking forward to this year is UAAP Season 75 & my very own 18th birthday! 🙂 It was truly nice to have bonded with my family this season because it has changed my life for the better. I have experienced more things and my world became bigger and wider as ever… & I love it!

Last night was the bang on top of the woosh. We won a small amount of money from playing Bingo and we went out to eat at Pizza hut & bought some nice things for the coming school year.

This summer has taught me a lot of things. The ones that had a huge impact to me is that family is always family. 2) “Good things come to those who wait.” lastly, I don’t need an overrated event to change my life, a rocking summer can do as much… even bigger! I am now not afraid of change. I used to, but not anymore. Another one off my bucket list! ☑☑☑


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