Bohemian Rhapsody

HAHAHA I just had to use that title.

Yesterday was Adi’s birthday! She’s my former service-mate from high school such a dear friend and I’ve known her for six years now. We haven’t seen each other in the longest and I can’t help but fawn over her bohemian beauty last night at the Fiamma Bar in Makati.

I forgot to tuck my tummy! Huhuhu I look fat in the photos!!!! Oh well loved my outfit ❤ ❤

Loved the whole night! Got to see friends I haven’t seen in the longest. Drank a lot so it kind of gave me a buzz 😐 Unlimited beer!!!! Hahahah So happy I didn’t get rashes after cos I usually do.

Thanks Adi for such a blast and Ate Bea Balcom for the ride home! 🙂

| Aztec Printed Romper (Thrifted) | Blazer (Episode) | Orange Wedges (Mossimo) | Colorful Bracelets (Baclaran) |


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