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I’ve been a Candy girl since I saw stacks of their magazine on top of my older cousin’s closet. I remember that it was Klaire Yapyuco-Reyes (Wife of former Ateneo Blue Eagle, Jai Reyes) and her twin sister, Klaudine Yapyuco was on the cover. The rest as they say, is history.

One thing I love most about Candy Magazine are their awesome staff. Especially, deputy editor-in-chief Marla Miniano.

I tweeted her about how I re-read a thousand times her book, Fan Girl. She tweeted me back saying,

Omg, yes!!!! I am so happy. I kept reading this tweet cos it was pretty awesome to have her reply. Ahhhhh

If you want to know why I love reading Marla’s books, you should check it out then!

Fan Girl

Table for Two

Every Girl’s Guide Series!

Tell me what you think about them okay?:-)

Tweet me via @theyeaaah and tweet Marla as well!!! That’s @marlamini


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