Passions Starts With B

Momma O (Oprah Winfrey) says, “Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.” and I feel terribly blessed to figure out what I’m truly passionate about at a young age–and it doesn’t hurt that my passion is very exciting, figuratively and LITERALLY.

My passion starts with the letter B: Basketball.

I started watching basketball (Philippine Basketball Association) when I was only two years old (the only thing I remembered from that game is the long-haired coach of Tanduay team) and my parents, who are avid fans of Crispa and San Miguel, would bring me to Araneta Coliseum to watch it live but I started to really get into the analyzing and stuff when I was eleven years old.

These were all (well, not really I got tons! Check my facebook and Multiply photos albums:-D I’ve got them PBA photos as well but I couldn’t find them huhuhu) photos I’ve taken over the past few years most of them were only recently when I started going to NU for college and cheering for the Basketball Varsity team–NU Bulldogs–was always something you’d want to do every game day.

For your information, I don’t just watch basketball for fun. I love analyzing teams’ defenses and offenses and if actually given a chance to write about it in paper or for a wider audience about this, I’d do it. I love basketball. Everything about it excites me, the chaos in the bench, the confusion in the technical table, the booing at the referees, the energetic sixth man, the slashes and the three-point shots–everything, just everything. + I also love how I’m sitting patron every game. It adds to the excitement and the viewing pleasure. What I love most about it is that the people who comes with me shares the same feeling. I love watching basketball with the people who has interest in it, otherwise it wouldn’t be fun at all.

And here comes the cheesy and overrated ending–What are you passionate about? Share it! Comment on this blog post, twitter (@theyeaaah) or tumblr (littlebedroomchronicles) If you haven’t figured out what you like, I suggest to put yourself out there! Go out for an adventure, try something new or read up! You wouldn’t discover what you’re passionate about if you’re only sitting down in front of your computer tweeting (hehe!) Believe me, if I didn’t flip channels from Disney to a local channel, I wouldn’t be able to discover PBA on ABC 5 and I wouldn’t be calling my dad to take me to Araneta. As the modern saying goes, “YOLO!” You only live once, so take it as an opportunity to learn and love.


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