A Pinch of School Pride and Hard Work

I’ve been to sporting events countless times but instead of watching, I’m working behind it and it does make a big difference that it’s for this year’s UAAP Cheer Dance Competition.

If you’re living under a rock and haven’t heard of this, I may enlighten you: it’s basically a cheering competition when eight different universities around Metro Manila compete for that coveted cheerdance trophy!

Working for the UAAP is such a big chance, it’s not even an option to take a pass on it. Even for just one day, it has become such a dream come true–to be able to step onto the mats, go inside dug outs, fix trophies medals and to interact with such big bosses–it’s frightening because I fear it’s all just a product of my sill imagination. And it doesn’t stop there! To work along side my cousin and my best friend is the greatest feeling ever even if I had to run up and down floors to fetch things but everything is worth it. In fact, up until now, I’m still reeling from a natural high from it all.

On our way to MOA Arena!

with Jessy Mendiola inside the Promoter’s Lounge!

I know I’m from National-U but I can’t help but cheer for the UP Pep Squad! They’re so cool! *starts babbling like a kid admiring her older sister*

“Royalty” the team of my school’s Pep Squad who placed 2nd runner up! So proud and happy for the team!!!

My All-access UAAP ID *wink

The energy-inducing close to 20k CDC crowd! Woooooowww

Working hard or hardly working?

Our favorite, Ate Cass! She’s so small and so funny!!!

My bestfriend in the entire world, everyone! ❤ Love her to bits and pieces!

The winners of these trophies are:

Champions: UP Pep Squad

1st Runner up: FEU Pep Squad

2nd Runner up: NU Pep Squad

* same rankings as those who was the group stunt event.

Congratulations, guys!! You all deserve the win xx

Until next, UAAP Cheer Dance Competition! NU LET’S GO!


I just want to clarify a few things to people (re: National-U Pep Squad’s 2nd place finish):

1. Yes, it is to our advantage that the event was held in our “home court”, the MOA Arena. But did it really made a difference? The NU crowd was placed on a specific area just like everyone else’s crowd. In fact, we didn’t have too many audience. Believe it or not, it was UP who had the most people watching for them. You can’t just say, “Nanalo lang NU kasi home court”. No, that is never a good excuse.

2. To all who are saying that we “hoarded” the CDC tickets, get your facts straight. As of Thursday, September 20, 2012 afternoon, our accounting office haven’t released tickets for any section. We actually had little time to buy tickets and they prioritized freshmen who needed tickets to the event as a requirement for their Physical Education classes.

3. There is no doubt that the NU Pep squad won! I was one of the first few people who saw the judges’ score cards. It was clear to me and to the three more people inside the room that National-U won. Admittedly though, there were very little point-difference between them and the UST Salinggawi troupe.

You’d say, I’m biased. That I am plus the fact that I’m sick of seeing “Ipro-protesta daw ng NU kapag natalo sila!” jokes and bitter tweets about the slow rise of our sports teams–it’s honestly getting a little old. I’m just trying to defend my school.

If you’ve got something to say, tweet me or ask me a question on http://www.formspring.me/theyeaaah 🙂

Have a great day xx

“You’re always blessed. You just have to notice and appreciate the little things.”

photos (not all) courtesy of : Joanne Casaus of Beau and Arrow


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