Laters, baby!

Don’t judge.

I have finally surrendered to the thunderous, enormous fad that has happened to the Pop Culture—that is Fifty Shades Trilogy.

I can see why people are fond of it (believe it or not, it has out sold Twilight—more importantly, it has surpassed Harry Potter book sales!). It’s all because it has a lot of sex in it. Not just sex… detailed, erotic, dirty sex. No one could ever turn down a read about sex… not even myself thus, this blog post.

The first book of this trilogy (Fify Shades of Grey) is mostly about a girl named Anastasia Steele who’s in her last year of college and was asked by her roomie-slash-bestfriend, Kate Kavanaugh to take her place—since she’s out sick—and interview multi-billionaire, Christian Grey. As Ana “fell into his office”, Mr. Grey instantly became fond of her, as she is attractive and very intelligent. After many flirting, Christian asked Ana for a date and filling her in on his erotic habits. He asked Ana if she wanted to his ‘Submissive’ or a girl (most preferrably, a brunette) to fullfil his sexual needs and do whatever he requests being as it is he is the ‘Dominant’… whatever he wants, it goes.

The rest of this book and the others basically tells how Anastasia tries to understand Christian Grey and his fifty shades and eventually falling in love with him.

As tempting—pun intended—as this book sounds, it’s not all good. I’ll tell you three things as to why:

  1. It has a lot of sex in it! Yes, it works both ways. It gets pretty boring after quite some time. After reading the first book, I was like, “What else is there?”
  2. Too many big words. First rule in writing, never use highfalutin words—you’re supposed to be retelling a story everyone understands and relates to, not write a dictionary.
  3. While all the sex are detailed, other things are just there—written in 2D. From my own experience, when you’re writing a fiction, you have to capture the reader and take him to your own world and let him feel as if he’s a part of it rather than just an ordinary (pervert) spectator.

You have your opinion, I have my own. This is not a novel, it’s porn… in a book. No story, no emotions just sex. Wow, I sound like Natalie Portman from No Strings Attached or even, Mila Kunis’s character in Friends With Benefits. Well, if you think about it, this book kind of feels like you’re in that kind of relationship. No feelings, just sex.

E. L James, you have so much to prove. I hope your next novel is better than this one.

Keep your ‘inner goddess’ in check, stop making her do uneven bars or tangos okay? Laters, baby!

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