Peach Perfect!

Okay, so I haven’t seen Pitch Perfect. Sue me. Lol jk I’ll be downloading a torrent in a while. Shhhh :> I’ve decided to name this post ‘Peach Perfect’ because of my outfit. You’ll figure out in a while ❤

Before that, I spent the whole day at my cousin’s house cos it’s Patrice Anne’s 17th birthday! It seems as if it was only yesterday that she was the semi-bald kid carried around by our aunt, now she’s a year away form legalization. How time flies so fast. 😦 :)))))


That’s her, behind me. She’s not really fond of taking (decent) photos. HAHAHA Happy birthday, Patrice Anne! I love you to the ends of the world. ❤ The best part of this day was the…….

709001058Chocolate fountain!!!! Yeeeyyyy we had sort of a mini-fondue party! We dipped Strawberries, Grapes, Breads & Marshmallows in the hot melted chocolate. I am so in love!

Anyway, outfit!



I wore a flowy cotton blue shirt and paired it with my new peach shorts from H&M! 🙂 I had a hard time looking for something to pair my shorts with cos I couldn’t find a thing in my closet! #bloggerproblems Luckily, I found the top on the farthest end of it. Yey!


HPIM0017I love love my new black leather bag from Hong Kong. It was actually given to me by my auntie’s best friend and I instantly loved it because of the spikes at the end of it plus, the form was different from other bags I own.

HPIM0030My shoes, obviously, had been used to so many times, the dirt patch on the left shoe proves it. But I love it nonetheless, considering it was super cheap and super functional! ❤


Feeling light and breezy, I opted to wear less accessories – I love the small belt I had on, it’s super cute. 🙂

The feel of this outfit is pretty care-free considering I had to go from my cousin’s house, to SM Center Las Pinas to meet up with a fashion blogger BarcodeMNL is collaborating with and the back (whew!) so functionality and hassle-free is perfect for this day. 🙂

| Cotton Shirt: Forever 21 | Peach Shorts: H&M | Blue sneakers: Solemate | Black Leather Bag: Hong Kong |


Happy Birthday, Tita Tina!

Photos are not in order.

Happy 45th birthday, Tita Tina! Last night, I went back south to celebrate my aunt’s birthday.

We had dinner in Dampa, Macapagal blvd. It was seafood overload!!! I couldn’t help myself gorge in those wonderful dishes! It was hard not to, don’t judge me. :> Then we had desserts from our new favorite ice cream parlor that orginated from SanFo, USA–Swensen’s! It was the second time in two weeks we spent after-dinner there! It was treat well deserved.

Fun night with a lot of laughters because I was with my cousin Andy and Joaqs, Tita Tina, Tito Gody, Kuya Bogie & his niece, Alexi. Hi, Alex! You’re so pretty & I love your hair & your laugh! Hihihi

| Pink and Blue (Jewels) | Blue top (Thrifted) | Off white cardigan (Thrifted) | Pink flats (Mario D’Boro) | Brown Bag (Michaela) |