OPLAN: Reinvention

Oplan: Reinvention. This name change isn’t actually planned. It just so happens that my new blockmate’s name is ‘Thea’ (le sad but don’t get me wrong! I love Thea. She’s basically me–in a thinner and smaller body–she loves basketball and a big fan of KPop <3). Meaning, I had to get a new name to avoid confusion.

Inspired by (Well not really, my friend, Majo, just pointed it out recently.) Pretty Little Liars’ Alison Dilaurentis. People calls me ‘Allie’ now but a few of them couldn’t figure out why I’m called that–ALthea marIE, simple as that. My close friends who was used to calling me ‘Thea’ could not get used to it but I don’t expect them to. I still like being called that.

To some, reinvention means a new beginning or maybe, a new identity. To me, it’s just showing a different side of me. Doing this, I felt braver. How about you, when are you going to reinvent you?


Isolation Area

Hey, don’t get me wrong. I don’t hate being isolated nor rebel against my parent’s for keeping me close to home but it definitely gets tiring when you’re just a 5-minute walk or a 15-minute car ride from school.

I started studying around 3 years old at a school located inside or village in Pasig. It was only a short walk and my mum would drop me off or pick me up before and after school. That was pretty convenient then.

Late in my elementary years, I transferred to another school which is incidentally in another village–it’s in Cainta, Rizal though. Just minutes away from my house, nonetheless. My dad would still drop me off and a school bus will bring me back home. Some people would say I was spoiled but I don’t think I am. My parents were simply just careful (HAHAHA As if we were rich!!!). In the fifth grade, I wanted to go out alone or with friends. I started telling the school bus driver to just bring home my school bag and I’d commute alone later then I’ll go to the mall. My mum would almost get a heart attack when I do this, while my dad would get all red. I never took the warnings and the ‘bibingo ka na sa akin’ from them seriously because I know they would never hit me.

High school, we moved to the south. I entered St. Paul College Paranaque and for four years, I’ve been back-and-forth from my house to school via another school service. Although, this time around my mum was more lenient.

First year in college, I wanted to go to UST but my mother was, as usual, frightened of the fact that there are a lot of bad people in Manila so she told me to got to San Beda Alabang instead. One ride from my house.

Second year, I wanted to study in Manila. My mum threw fits when she learned I enrolled in National University but got over it eventually and understood that I just wanted to widen my view on other things and experience some more things.

Right now, I just recovered from fever (prolly because of the long travel to school) but I’m enjoying every bit of my freedom. Not too much though!