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In line with out current project, we have already put up our official website. It doesn’t contain much now but when we launch BarcodeMNL on December, we will be posting our collections and other necessary things. 🙂 Now though, you can find blog posts for more information on us and updates. We can’t wait to unveil BarcodeMNL!!! x

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Black and White

I can’t wait. Next month–just in time for the holidays–we will be unveiling the hippest, trendiest and most musically-inclined online shop ever! My friends and I are very excited to bring this all together for all of you. We will soon be available for every person residing in the Philippines (for now, atleast hihihi) through Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter. We won’t be revealing what we’re going to sell but I can assure you, you’ll be dragging along Taylor Swift, Katy Perry or even The Script (and so so much more!!) everywhere you go. 🙂 You have to check out this blog every now and then for details and where to find us! Ok? I know I said this before but, I can’t wait. Barcode MNL will be all over your timeline, dash and home page soon!

If you want to do collaborations, advertisement and/or styling (yes, as early as now! You’ll never know.), you can contact us through below:

The Big Bang Theory

\When my 13 year old eyes laid down on the new K-Pop group, Big Bang, I was instantly in love. I honestly didn’t know what their songs meant but every time I sing along to Tae Yang‘s lyrics, G-Dragon‘s electrical composition or even rapping along T.O.P‘s, I knew that I didn’t want any other Korean boy band.

It was actually my then 18 year old cousin who got me hooked. I remember one time, we were inside the car, on our way to Tagaytay that the only songs blasting from our earphones are those of Big Bang’s. It was a very wild obsession–from simply listening to songs to watching music videos and TVCs to watching (and patiently downloading) Youtube videos of their many Television show guesting and as huge as buying a DVD of their Global Warming Tour (2008).

Since being a V.I.P, I’ve always wished they’d go here in the Philippines and throw a big concert and they actually did weeks ago and I was very VERY disappointed to not have to go. So I just had to settle down with watching their (fairly) old music videos and sing along. Le tears 😦 but the week before their concert, I actually bought a local magazine with them on the cover; I was mindlessly scanning through books and magazines at Book Sale when I went across Sparkling Magazine (published by Summit Media) October issue without thinking, I grabbed it and headed for the counter to pay 150 bucks for a 60+ paged glossy magazine. I actually might regret it soon. Eep!

Big Bang (from L-R, Seungri, Tae Yang, GDragon (leader), T.O.P and Dae Sung)

Bigbang labelmate, 2NE1’s Dara (more known in the Philippines as Sandara Park) is on the flipside cover of the magazine.

YG Entertainment Empire – where top Korean Artists came from like BigBang, 2NE1, Psy and Boys Over Flowers’ Geum Jan Di (Goo Hye Sun) and many many more!

the girls of 2NE1 (L-R Minzy, Dara, CL and Bom)

Maybe, if I’d wish again, they’ll come back for another concert. I’m pretty good with these wishes, they might actually come again. Lol So in the mean time, I’m leaving you with my fave music videos from the start of their career.

BigBang Alive Concert Tour 2012

Seoul, Korea – YG Entertainment has finally released the date of the Philippine Leg of BigBang Alive Tour 2012 via social networking sites, Twitter & Facebook.

The boys are visiting our country on October 24, performing at MOA Arena. Ticket prices are not been out yet! All the Filipino VIPs are screaming and jumping for joy and probably, already ready for some major cost-cutting just for this, I know I am! Eeeeep.


Lady Gaga vs. Philippines

Tweet #1: Why is Lady Gaga on the headlines on every news? Can we not talk about CJ Corona whos standing in as witness in his own impeachment trial?

Super late but I just want to express my feelings on this because I’m a fan of Lady Gaga.

I don’t get why these people are asking the promoters of The Monster Ball to cancel the show. They say it’s because Lady Gaga’s satanic or some other crap. Who says shit like that?

I know that Lady Gaga is out of the Philippines’ view of music–she’s not conservative, her beliefs are different from us etc but we can’t do anything because that’s her label. Just like Sitti being the Bossa Nova Diva or Nina as the Soul Siren.  It’s just. like. that.

Besides, why are they trying to prevent it. It’s not like it’s going to do anything that has already been done. Her music has already reached the Phillipines, the concert will do nothing more. The only damage it’s going to do to the country is the downfall of local music, then again, this is not the first time an international pop star held a concert here.

Can we just shut the fuck up, people? If her songs doesn’t appeal, don’t listen to her but zip it because it does make a lot of sense to her dedicated fans.

To these politicians who started this crap about the Mother Monster, can you just focus on your jobs? Add more flowers & trees to the Philippines, Mr. DENR Secretary. Or stop illegal loggers, for godssake. That’s more important than this issue.

Let’s all focus our attention to CJ Corona. He needs to be punished for the things he has done. Hello, he’s standing as witness tomorrow at the Senate, isn’t that more alarming? God.

* Can I just say that this tweet by Saab Magalona makes a lot of sense to me. She’s so funny!